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Health and Safety Management Gap Analysis

Our Client, CDE Global, design, manufacture and commission more wet processing plants than any other company in the world.

They work with customers across five core sectors in eight strategic regions and have delivered over 1000 projects globally. Their global headquarters in Northern Ireland is the world’s largest campus dedicated to the wet processing of materials in the sand and aggregates, mining, construction and demolition waste recycling, industrial sands and environmental sectors.

Why we were hired

We were appointed to provide a Health and Safety Management Gap Analysis by CDE Global after providing a machinery risk assessment and acting as Principal Contractor under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) on a waste management project that they were involved with. They recognised our skillset and required improvement with their project delivery, but were unsure how this could be best achieved.

What we did

Our Gap Analysis provided CDE Global with a road map to delivering compliance across all of their business sectors.  We provided: guidance on their organisational structure; policies and procedures; risk assessments and method statements for their manufacturing facilities (i.e. factory and office operation); CDM 2015 training of all senior managers, on-site supervisors and sales team employees in order to recognise the roles and responsibilities of all parties from the tender phase to completion of each project; and CDM 2015 toolkits.  We also implemented and improved best practice for CDM 2015 and established consistency in their common approach to all projects across their global operations.

The Solution

The ultimate solution was to re-structure the business and establish a suite of standardised policies and procedures across the business, accompanied by mentoring and training.  This immediately led to a significant improvement in project management processes and raised awareness of CDM 2015 and health and safety legislation from the top down, as well as an improvement in the quality of work, product and documentation.

The method of calculating risk was standardised, utilising ERIC and supported by pictograms where applicable.  Our documentation development also allowed CDE Global to demonstrate their compliance with CDM 2015 by creating an audit trail, whilst also developing their staff safety culture through the use of ‘breach of health and safety’ forms, near miss / incident reporting forms etc.

In the long term, this level of standardisation has assisted the business to accurately assess recorded information against the same criteria and allow equal and parallel comparisons to be made globally.

The Outcome

Over time, this has allowed CDE Global to ensure compliance with CDM 2015 globally, ensuring consistency of approach across their five core sectors and establishing best practice in all eight of their strategic regions.  This has resulted in better planning and management of projects, cleaning and maintenance / upgrades, dismantling and demolition / removal of structures, as well as lowering incident rates significantly.  This was particularly relevant in countries that have a lower standard of health and safety than the UK and the rest of Europe, thus protecting lives and company reputation.

CDE Group has also been able to cost effectively proactively prepare for the release of ISO 45001 due to our recommendation that CDE Global adopt the ISO standards in all areas and regions where the group currently operate to assist with the standardisation of health, safety, quality and environmental standards across the group at all levels and in all operational areas globally.

What our client said

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Head of Building

CDE Global

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