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CDM Compliance

Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015

Compliance with CDM 2015

We are proud of our scrupulous record in the construction industry, delivery award-winning compliance services under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) and interfacing with the project team throughout all phases of the project.

What is CDM 2015?

CDM 2015 came into force on 6 April 2015.  They are the main set of regulations for the planning, co-ordination and management of health, safety and welfare on all construction projects.  CDM 2015 applies to all building and construction work and includes new build, refurbishment, extensions, conversions, repair, maintenance, cleaning and demolition.

Construction activities, whether large or small, are often prone to accidents and disruptions.  Good planning, co-ordination and management of the safety process throughout the construction project is essential, and so is compliance with CDM 2015.

Safe Track Associates Limited provides a range of services to help companies and their contractors, ensuring that they are compliant with the complex requirements of CDM 2015.  CDM 2015 place duties on Clients, Principal Designers, Designers, Principal Contractors, Contractors and Workers throughout every stage of a construction project.  We can help organisations ensure that these key personnel, whether employees, consultants or contractors, are not only competent to carry out the work, but are also kept informed as to their health and safety responsibilities, and that adequate resources for health and safety are allocated.

What services do we offer under CDM 2015?

We are competent Health and Safety Consultants who can undertake the role of Principal Designer, Principal Contractor and CDM Advisor (undertaking duties on behalf of the Client / Principal Designer / Principal Contractor).  We can also supply Site Management support where required.

We undertake the following duties:

Principal Designer

We can take on this role independently or on behalf of a Client or Designer.  We have an in-depth knowledge of CDM 2015, are experts in providing this service, and our team has worked on various sizes of projects in the Construction, Property, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.  Typical values range from £100K to £10B.  Please see our Principal Designer page for more information.

CDM Advisor

As a Client, Principal Designer or Principal Contractor for a project, you may not have the time, company resources or competence to fully understand and comply with your duties under CDM 2015.  In such cases, it may be appropriate to appoint a CDM Advisor for your project to undertake the duties on your behalf.  The CDM Advisor will ensure you stay compliant and undertakes vital duties on your behalf with relation to paperwork, F10 submission and monitoring the management arrangements throughout the project.  Please see our CDM Advisor page for more information.

Principal Contractor / Construction Safety Management

We can take on this role independently or on behalf of a Client or Contractor.  We have strong track records with successfully delivering projects of all types and sizes across the Construction, Property, Engineering and Manufacturing sectors.  Typical values range from £100K to £500M.  Please see our Principal Contractor and Construction Safety Management page for more information.

CDM 2015 Compliance

We can help Contractors, Designers and Workers to understand and undertake their duties under CDM 2015.  We support organisations of all sizes in the domestic and commercial markets.  If you need assistance with Risk Assessments, Method Statements, Safe Systems of Work, Design Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, Safety Management Systems or any other health and safety issues, please do not hesitate to contact us today.  We can offer packages of work to suit all businesses and ensure full compliance under the CDM 2015 and all other health and safety legislation.  Call us on 0117 908 3860 to see how we can support you regarding your legal obligations.


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