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Fire Risk Assessments

We have a strong track record of working with business owners to ensure they know how to keep everyone in their premises safe and healthy – essential for a productive workforce.

If you are an employer or as someone who controls a workplace, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order [RRFSO] you have a legal obligation to conduct a Fire Risk Assessment for the premises or the part of the premises that you control or occupy. The RRFSO applies to all workplaces and non-domestic premises.

The RRFSO places significant responsibility on employers and building occupiers to implement a robust fire safety management regime that is based upon the principle of risk assessment.

The RRFSO requires that a suitable and sufficient Fire Risk Assessment is conducted. This typically includes elements regarding structural protection, escape route provision, warning of fire, extinguisher provision, identification of fire hazards, people at risk, lighting, signs, notices, the maintenance of fire safety equipment and systems, including the need for an emergency plan together with staff instruction and training. The Fire Risk Assessment once completed, must be kept up to date and should be checked on an annual basis. If any significant changes are made to the building that affect fire precautions; including use and activities the assessment must be reviewed and if necessary revised accordingly.

We have extensive experience undertaking Fire Risk Assessments on all types of construction from Historic Buildings to Modern Multi-Storey Office Accommodation.

Our Fire Risk Assessment:

  1. Identifies the fire hazards
  2. Identifies the sources of ignition
  3. Identifies combustible materials
  4. Identifies flammable liquids and gases
  5. Identifies structural features that could lead to the spread of fire
  6. Identifies people who could be at risk

And will go onto suggest control measures to:-

  1. Eliminate, control and avoid fire hazards
  2. Reduce the risk from sources of ignition
  3. Reduce the risk from combustible materials
  4. Reduce the risk from flammable liquids and gases
  5. Reduce the risk from structural features
  6. Reduce the risk to people

The above list is not exhaustive but is a small sample of our Fire Risk Assessment, which addresses the requirements of the RRFSO that set fire safety standards in the workplace.

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